Notices eProcurement System Government of Tamil Nadu
The latest Tender documents issued by various Government Departments, Directorates, Organisations, Institutions and local bodies of Tamil Nadu-TN are listed here.
S.No e-Published Date Bid Submission Closing Date Tender Opening Date Title and Ref.No./Tender ID Organisation Chain
1. 16-Mar-2024 11:15 AM 23-Apr-2024 03:00 PM 23-Apr-2024 04:00 PM [Naan Mudhalvan Skill Placement Centres]
 [ELCOT/33790/Computers -TNSDC/2023-24][2024_ELCO_449738_1]
2. 16-Mar-2024 09:00 AM 03-May-2024 03:00 PM 03-May-2024 04:00 PM [RC Tender Group C]
 [ELCOT/33791/RC Tender Group C 2023-24][2024_ELCO_449519_1]
3. 15-Mar-2024 05:00 PM 24-Apr-2024 03:00 PM 24-Apr-2024 04:00 PM [CONSULTANT FOR PPP STRUCTURING AND TRANSACTION ADVISORY SERVICES ]
 [ELCOT/ITPD/004/ITparks PPP Cons/2024][2024_ELCO_449324_1]
4. 15-Mar-2024 04:00 PM 23-Apr-2024 03:00 PM 23-Apr-2024 04:00 PM [Hardware Infrastructure of e-office]
 [ELCOT/33798/H/W Infrastructure for e-Office/2023-24][2024_ELCO_449281_1]
5. 15-Mar-2024 02:30 PM 30-Apr-2024 03:30 PM 30-Apr-2024 04:30 PM [Upgration of NVR Setup in Police Station]
 [ELCOT/OT/33796/Upgradation NVR setup in Police Station/2023-24][2024_ELCO_449227_1]
6. 04-Mar-2024 06:00 PM 02-May-2024 03:00 PM 02-May-2024 04:00 PM [Consultant for Preparation of Detailed Master Plan]
 [ELCOT/ITPD/003/ Tech City/2024][2024_ELCO_438797_1]
7. 27-Feb-2024 06:00 PM 24-Apr-2024 03:00 PM 24-Apr-2024 04:00 PM [SAN Storage and Load balancer TN Government]
 [ELCOT Proc OT 33785 SAN Storage][2024_ELCO_431233_1]
8. 31-Jan-2024 04:45 PM 30-Apr-2024 03:00 PM 30-Apr-2024 04:00 PM [Centralised Monitoring System Project of TN Police Intelligence]
 [ELCOT Proc OT 33746 Centralised Monitoring System 2023-24][2024_ELCO_416108_1]
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