Notices eProcurement System Government of Tamil Nadu
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1 Notice to Bidders for e-Bid Submission Notice_to_Bidders_on_eTendering.pdf Digital Signature 29-Mar-2023 15.88
2 Bidders Manual for Tender Cum Auction Instructions_to_Bidders_for_Tender_Cum_Auction_18_06_2021.pdf Digital Signature 18-Jun-2021 532.32
3 Registration of Bidders Bidder_Registration_Manual.pdf Digital Signature 29-Mar-2023 3322.41
4 Uploading of My Documents My_Document.pdf Digital Signature 29-Mar-2023 935.65
5 Online e-Bid Submission. Single-Cover_bid_submission.pdf Digital Signature 05-Apr-2023 3020.49
Four-Cover_bid_submission.pdf Digital Signature 05-Apr-2023 3704.75
Three-Cover_bid_submission.pdf Digital Signature 05-Apr-2023 4184.92
Two-Cover_bid_submission.pdf Digital Signature 05-Apr-2023 3910.08
6 Online Bid Withdrawal Note_on_Withdrawal_of_Bids_in_TN_Portal.pdf Digital Signature 29-Mar-2023 13.72
7 Online Bid Re-submission Bid_Re-Submission.pdf Digital Signature 05-Apr-2023 4374.51
8 Clarifications (Tender Status, My Archive...) Enquiry..pdf Digital Signature 05-Apr-2023 1825.95
9 Trouble Shooting troubleshoot_documents.pdf Digital Signature 29-Mar-2023 50.06
10 BoQ Preparation Guidelines Item_Wise_BoQ.pdf Digital Signature 29-Mar-2023 781.87
Percentage__BoQ.pdf Digital Signature 29-Mar-2023 710.34
Item_Rate_BoQ.pdf Digital Signature 29-Mar-2023 1051.37
11 Online Payment Procedure Bidder_Manual_for_Online_Payment-SBIMOPS.pdf Digital Signature 05-Apr-2023 3873.45
Online_Payment_Gateway.pdf Digital Signature 05-Apr-2023 2406.23
12 eBG Bid Submission eBG_User_Manual_for_Bidders.pdf Digital Signature 12-Jul-2024 4107.55
13 Offline_BG_Submission Offline_BG_user_manual_for_bidders.pdf Digital Signature 12-Jul-2024 1616.19
14 List of banks integrated with NeSL for eBG https://nesl.co.in/wp-content/uploads/2024/05/List-of-Banks-integrated-with-Tamil-Nadu-Government-for-e-BG.pdf 19-Jun-2024
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